Texas tourist attractions attract litter: What you need to know

WASHINGTON — Litter is not a problem at Wisconsin attractions, a state official said Friday, but there are signs litter may be coming.

Tens of thousands of dollars in litter is collected each year, and the state Department of Environmental Quality has issued about $500,000 in fines since the end of May.

“Litter isn’t a problem.

But if it does get to that point, I’m not going to be the person to make the call,” said Julie Linsenbaum, a DEO spokesman.

Linsenbaum said the DEO has had to take steps to reduce litter.

Linserbaum says it’s important for people to stay clean, and people should wear gloves when handling trash.

Loutsenbaum said the state has taken several steps to keep people safe.

State parks have posted signs that tell visitors they are allowed to take a trash bag, a recycling bin and an outdoor toilet seat from the restrooms.

In addition, visitors should bring in their own garbage and dispose of it in a designated spot in the visitor center.