Universal Studios Orlando opens in 2017

Orlando, FL — Universal Studios Florida opened this week in a $5.8 billion, 21,000-seat theme park that has earned the company a reputation as one of the world’s most profitable theme parks.

The theme park, which is located at Universal Studios Hollywood and is owned by Disney, will include more than 1,000 rides and attractions that have been specially designed to attract children ages 4 to 12.

The new park will also feature an interactive storytelling program and entertainment areas, including a full-size, animated version of “Finding Nemo,” that will be available for purchase in the park.

The company has a long history of creating unique attractions and experiences, including the original “Zootopia,” “Toy Story” and the new “Avatar.”

The new Disney parks will be based on the theme park in Orlando.

Universal Orlando is a joint venture between Universal Theme Parks, which includes Universal Studios California and Universal Studios Japan, and the Universal Theme Park Company, which owns Universal Studios.