Oklahoma City’s attraction to Mexicans may soon get a boost

The Oklahoma City Tourism Corporation is in the midst of a major expansion of its attraction to Mexican tourists, according to a report published on Wednesday.

The project, dubbed the “MEXICO PERFECT” project, is aimed at creating a “new, dynamic” and more appealing experience for tourists who are from Mexico and other Latin American countries, the report stated.

The Oklahoma City Visitors Bureau plans to open a new “mexican restaurant” that will feature a variety of Mexican dishes, from Mexican-style burgers and tacos to Mexican-inspired fried chicken, the OKCVB said in the report.

The new Mexican restaurant, dubbed “Mexico Perfecitivo,” will feature “Mexican inspired Mexican food, Mexican inspired wines, Mexican-themed cocktails, and Mexican-friendly entertainment and events,” the report said.

The OKCV is also expanding the number of Mexican restaurants it is planning to open, and is “currently seeking partners for the project,” according to the report, which did not name the partners.

The newly opened Mexican restaurant will also feature a Mexican-theme bar, a Mexican theme park, a “Mexica-themed restaurant,” and an outdoor bar that will be used to celebrate Mexican culture, the project said.

Oklahoma City’s Mexican restaurant is expected to open in the spring of 2018, the OkCVB added.

How to plan your trip to Virginia Beach and explore the sights and sounds of this summer’s fireworks celebration

Virginia Beach, Va.

— With fireworks and a little help from a friend, you can visit some of the most popular attractions at Virginia Beach this summer.

It’s no secret that fireworks and summer entertainment are an integral part of any summer.

The fireworks display at Virginia’s newest amusement park in Newport News, Va., will be the largest ever.

Here are the top reasons to visit Virginia Beach in June: 1.

It’s a great place to go to spend the day: Virginia Beach has plenty of activities for kids.

There’s a kid’s play area, kids’ area, outdoor pavilion, playground, a park-like amphitheater, a dog park, and even a large, interactive fountain.


You can watch fireworks from a boat at the beach: If you’re a fan of big, splashy fireworks, then Virginia Beach is a perfect place to get up close and personal with the show.


You’ll be able to experience some of Virginia’s best entertainment: If your kids are looking for a way to get their hands on some of their favorite Disney-themed activities, the Virginia Beach Playground and Beach Stage are perfect places to check out.


You may have to park: If it’s the perfect time to see fireworks, it’s also the perfect place for those of us with kids.

A park-and-ride is available for families of all ages, as well as for those who want to drive up to Virginia.


You won’t be disappointed: Virginia’s beaches are the perfect places for the perfect day out.

How do opposites like Netflix attract different types of visitors?

A new study shows that the kinds of visitors that are attracted to different types and levels of content on Netflix are also related to which areas have the most positive and negative interactions with that content.

The study, conducted by the Brookings Institution, looked at the most popular types of entertainment in the U.S. and their interaction with the content.

They found that content from the top 10 films and TV shows was viewed by more people in urban areas than rural areas.

In contrast, content from lower-ranked films and television shows were viewed more in rural areas than urban areas.

In the report, Brookings Senior Fellow for Global Government and Society Peter T. Orr said, “These findings highlight a fundamental mismatch between what people want and the kinds and levels the content is offered in terms of content experiences.”

The study also found that people who enjoy a certain type of entertainment tend to have more positive experiences with that type of content.

For example, the study found that a high-performing show that included social interaction with other viewers was viewed more by people in the Midwest, but it was viewed less by people living in the South and West.

People who watched a show with a positive social aspect tended to also watch more positive content, but that also was related to the amount of positive interactions that they had with the show.

The Brookings study also concluded that, on average, the number of positive and positive interactions on the internet was higher for shows from the same year and year-round, and more people viewed the shows that featured more diverse characters.

“We know that people enjoy more diverse content on the web than they do in the real world, but these data suggest that they also find it more compelling to interact with more diverse people,” Orr added.

“The more diverse the people and the more diverse their experience, the more compelling it becomes.”