How to visit the body of a woman who died in a hot car

Posted November 17, 2018 17:16:53Hotel guests at the Luxor hotel in Thailand are not impressed by the women bodies, after they are shown in a gruesome fashion.

The hotel is known for its beautiful female bodies, but one guest said: “This is the worst part of the experience.

I didn’t even know they were doing this.”

The hotel staff had to be rescued after a woman died in the car with a male companion, but the body was not identified.

One woman was found with her head, body and hands in the back seat, and her hands and feet were wrapped in plastic bags.

The body was sent to the mortuary for autopsy.

Luxor’s tourism board said they had received several complaints about the practice.

“We are investigating the situation and are working with the authorities to take appropriate action, including closing the hotel,” a spokesperson said.

The Thai government said it was “extremely concerned” about the incident and was working with local authorities.

“It is against the law to have any kind of inappropriate behaviour and to disturb the sanctity of human life,” a statement said.

A spokesman for the Royal Thai Police said the incident was a matter for the local authorities and the police had no comment.

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