‘The greatest danger of our generation’: Israeli police say they will not let Palestinians be seen in Jerusalem

Israeli police are threatening to confiscate a Palestinian woman’s hijab, a symbol of her status as a citizen, as part of a new policy that critics say will be used to restrict Palestinian women from attending school and to punish them for participating in public.

The hijab is the most basic garment in the Arab world, which requires women to wear it while attending public events and to keep it tucked in during menstruation.

It is also worn by some Palestinian women in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as well as by some Muslim women in Egypt, Sudan and Tunisia.

“We will confiscate her hijab, which will not be used as a disguise for her activities,” an Israeli police spokesman told Reuters.

The head of the Jerusalem Police, Gilad Erdan, has previously made public statements saying that Palestinian women will be prevented from participating in Israeli society, including schools and in the workplace, unless they wear hijab.

“If they are in a hijab, they are a woman and we will make sure they wear a hijab,” Erdan said at the beginning of October.

“I don’t think the government should be in the business of banning anyone from going to school, not even in a public place.”

Erdan also said that women would not be allowed to join the army or to attend military-related courses if they wore hijab.

The police spokesman said the hijab would not stop people from participating if they wanted to, but that it would be confiscated.

“We will take it down when it comes to people who want to wear hijab, but it won’t stop them from wearing it,” the spokesman said.

The Palestinian Authority has been using a similar tactic to force women into hijab.

In July, the head of Fatah’s political bureau, Mohammed Taha, told the Palestinian news agency Ma’an that the hijab “is the symbol of the Palestinian women and the Palestinian people”.

“There are many people in the world who are going to see this, and will judge us harshly,” he said.

But in a statement published on the Israeli news site Ynet on Monday, a senior police official said that while the hijab was banned in the occupied West Bank, the women would still be allowed in the Israeli city of Haifa.

“The police will not take it from us and it won`t be taken from us,” the official, Yitzhak Hacohen, said.

“There will be a small number of women in Haifa who will be allowed for religious reasons and will wear the hijab and we have the option to enforce that,” he added.

He also claimed that women in Israel would be allowed, if they wished, to wear the headscarf if they had been given permission by the Israeli government.

Israelis have been increasingly worried about the rise of Islamist and Palestinian groups.

In 2014, a group of Israeli women held a protest at the country’s parliament demanding the ban on headscarves and wearing the hijab.

How to make a great picture from a bucket of sand

Denver’s most popular tourist attractions will soon have a new name: the Kentucky Tourist Attractions.

The newly-named Kentucky Garden Center at the Kentuckys Center for the Arts is slated to open in 2019, replacing the old KCTA Center for The Arts in downtown Denver.

The new Kentucky is more than a destination attraction, it’s a place of inspiration, says Dan McDaniel, the CEO of the Kentucks Center for Entertainment, Recreation and Tourism.

That’s what they were founded for.

“The Kentuckies Center for Tourism, Recreation, and Tourism will take over the Kentuys Center, the former KCTAs entertainment, recreation and cultural district, and open it up to the public,” McDaniel says.

“This is a great opportunity to create a more creative, contemporary, and interactive environment in which people of all ages can enjoy great experiences and enrich their lives.”

McDaniel says the new Kentucky Garden Center will be a focal point for a new generation of visitors, and will be home to many of the best attractions in the world, including Kentucky’s premier equestrian center, the Kentucky Derby, and a world-class indoor and outdoor amphitheater.

The new facility will also include a “garden theater” for weddings, a bowling alley, a water park, and an outdoor ice rink.

The center will also be home of the newest “Kentucky Beauty,” the newest-ever “Kentuckies Biggest Adventure” for young and old, and the first-ever Kentucky “Kentucks Tour” for tourists and locals alike.

McDaniel tells KSNV News that the new facility is scheduled to open sometime this fall.

The name change is an exciting development, says KATU TV news reporter Jessica Rader, because it makes the Kentucked Garden Center a truly destination-centric place.

McDonough tells KATUS that the attraction’s name is “a direct reference to the unique environment created by the Kentucky Garden Center.”

McDonough says that the Kentuckerys Center is the “largest indoor indoor indoor attraction in the country” and will provide “unprecedented opportunities” to the local community, who will be able to visit and experience the state’s premier attractions.

“I think it’s really a great name for a place that’s going to provide a place to celebrate, and create a sense of place for the community,” he says.

The Kentucky Center will also serve as a place for people to learn about the arts, and to get a feel for the region.

“We’re trying to bring a more educational and experiential atmosphere, a more family oriented environment,” McDonow says.

McDonow said that the center will provide educational programs for the youth and adults, and that the “biggest challenge” is to bring the facilities “to the level of the city and the community.”

The center will include a children’s play area and a children-oriented “dancing garden,” as well as a “walk-in” program for adults and youth who want to learn how to use the facility.

The newly-opened Kentuckia Garden Center is expected to open next spring, with plans for a grand opening sometime in 2019.