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HONOLULU, Hawaii — A year after the U.S. economy faltered, the nation is once again enjoying a boom.

A record $1.8 trillion was earned in the first six months of 2017.

The economy has boomed again.

And the number of visitors to museums and galleries is booming.

But the U:S.

government is struggling.

The U.N. agency says more than 100 million people are unable to access basic public services such as food, water and electricity.

More than one in four Americans don’t have access to clean water.

The country’s budget is in tatters, and unemployment is at a record high.

This is the story of how we’ve made it back from the deepest recession since World War II.

I grew up in Honolulu.

We were the first generation to go to college and graduate from high school.

It was a huge change in our lives.

We lived in the bubble of the bubble, in a bubble where we had this great future.

Our parents and grandparents had a good life and lived a good, decent life.

But now that we’re living in the 21st century, we’re in a lot of turmoil, a lot more of uncertainty.

We’re not at that level of prosperity.

It’s really a scary time, especially for the young people, because they have so much to do.

And they’re working so hard.

You know, they’ve got to do all the things that you have to do to live a good normal life.

I worked for a while as a school teacher, and one of my teachers, who is now an ambassador, said that I would never teach my students again.

It just makes you really sad when you see them at the mall, and they can’t go to the grocery store because there’s not enough food to go around.

So you just have to be ready.

We have to have an education.

I was in the field, and there were so many people out there who were struggling.

And I always thought, how can you teach a child who has never done anything but learn how to ride a bike?

But the fact is, the way we teach children is not the way that they’re learning.

We need to get back to a more basic level.

So what do we do?

We need a lot less government spending.

And we need to do more with private sector development.

The American Dream is not just the dream of getting out of poverty, it’s the dream for people to get on their feet, to be able to get a job and have a life, to get their kids to college.

And that’s why we’re going to build the infrastructure to get people back to work.

And when we do that, we can rebuild the middle class and bring the jobs back, the middle-class, to America.

So I’m going to be the President of the United States.

I have a dream.

I’m just trying to get it done.

But this country is in trouble.

The world is in danger.

And it’s not just America.

There are so many other countries that are also facing a lot like this.

And so I am going to make it my priority to put together an economic team that is prepared to take on the challenges that are ahead of us.

I will make it our goal to invest $1 trillion to bring jobs back to America, create jobs, and rebuild our middle class.

And if we do all of that, the American people will thank me for it.

I’ll be the leader.

I’ve been telling you this for years, I have the vision, I know the plan.

And what I’ve done is put together a team of experts that I’ve got the experience and the determination to take the job, to do the job.

And this is going to help me get this job done.

You see, I want to make sure that we get this economy moving again.

So we’re doing this because we know what is at stake in this country, and we want to be sure that the American economy is moving again and our country is making the transition.

We want the American Dream.

But we also want to do it for all of our children, so that they have the opportunity to live good, fulfilling lives.

I can tell you from my experience, it is true.

We can’t have a nation without opportunity.

That is why I am the President.

I promise to make the American dream a reality for everyone, including for those at the bottom of the income scale.

And my plan includes a plan to raise taxes on the middle and working classes.

And on top of that we are going to cut taxes for the wealthiest people in this economy, including those in the private sector, but especially the wealthiest executives.

We are going, we are gonna make it easier for people with the least to