Bald men with a penchant for expensive trips to Arizona

Bald men are known to have a penchant to spend money on pricey trips to the Lone Star State, including a trip to a state park where they could pick up a diamond bracelet worth $20,000, according to a recent story in the Arizona Republic.

In addition to the diamond, the men reportedly spent $5,000 on jewelry and a Rolex watch, and the Arizona Tourism and Convention Commission told TalkSport they’re looking into the matter.

A spokesperson for the tourism agency told the Republic that while there are no specific policies or guidelines regarding what types of items are allowed in the parks, the agency is aware of the issue and is taking it seriously.

“We do not allow jewelry and watches in the state park, but we are looking into it,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

“Any other items are subject to approval.”

A representative for the Arizona Diamond Council, which represents diamond buyers in the Diamond State, told the Associated Press the group is aware the incident has occurred and is investigating.

“They’re very upset, and we’re working with them,” said Chris Pramas, the Diamond Council’s vice president for policy.

“But it’s something that’s not something we want to come to light, especially in a state like Arizona where there’s a lot of history and a lot that we cherish and treasure.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.