Which parks have the best rides?

The biggest rides at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure aren’t always the most exciting attractions, but it’s a given that Disney’s California Adventure has some of the most memorable rides.

In honor of this year’s theme park, EW decided to rank our favorite rides, parks, attractions, and restaurants, and ranked them according to what makes them so great.

To help us rank the parks, EW ranked them based on their attractions’ quality, safety, accessibility, and overall enjoyment.

Check out our ranking of the best Disneyland rides below.1.

The Haunted Mansion At the center of the Disneyland park is the famous Haunted Mansion, which is one of the attractions most iconic and iconic to the entire park.

With an enormous space filled with colorful, animated, and sometimes downright terrifying, the Haunted Mansion is a place of wonder, awe, and terror.2.

Star Wars Land It’s one of those rare Disney parks that has its own story to tell, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the first Star Wars movie released in a theater in over 30 years, tells a completely different story than the original film.

But what makes this park so special?

For one, it features an entirely new storyline with multiple characters that all play different roles and storylines in the story.3.

Haunted Mansion II It’s another great attraction for the Haunted House and the Star Wars universe.

With its own storyline and a new cast of characters, this park is filled with a whole new set of fun, exciting characters.4.

The Land Before Time This park is packed with a ton of fun for all ages and levels of players.

From the fun of hanging out with friends to the adventure of trying to defeat the nefarious creatures in the park, this attraction is sure to be a blast for all of the families in the Disney parks.5.

Haunted World: Escape From the Haunted World This attraction was originally designed to bring guests from Disneyland to the Disney California Adventures.

The attraction is now in its third iteration and has gotten a lot of updates since it opened.

The addition of new features like the Disney-branded “ghost boat” and new animatronics have added a whole host of new challenges for those who want to experience a more traditional Haunted Mansion experience.6.

Jungle Cruise It’s hard to believe that a Disneyland attraction is so well known, but the Jungle Cruise is still one of Disney’s best-known rides.

The Jungle Cruise was built in 1959 and has a history dating back to the 1930s.

This attraction has become a favorite of the Disney families, as guests come to the park for their fun and to be part of a Disney family.7.

Haunted House After an epic escape from the Haunted Houses in Haunted Mansion 2, the Jungle Tours at Disneyland have returned to haunt guests again.

Guests will be transported to a new dimension, where they will have to survive the ghosts of the past, present, and future.8.

Star Trek: The Next Generation The Star Trek universe is one that is constantly evolving and growing, and the latest installment of the franchise is no different.

With the release of Star Trek Beyond, which features new characters and a whole lot of new ideas, this franchise is sure the most popular.9.

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue While this is a Star Wars attraction, the Disneyland version of Star Tours has never been as popular as the Star Tours at Disney California, and this attraction remains one of Disneyland’s best attractions to this day.

This one-of-a-kind attraction features the entire crew of the Star Trek ships and the most iconic part of the series, the bridge, that is always on display.10.

Star Power: Space The Disneyland version is a classic, but you can expect to find something for everyone at Star Power at Disneyland.

This Star Power attraction offers everything a Star Power fan would want from Star Power, including classic Star Wars characters, new vehicles, and more.11.

Starlight Drive-In Starlights are iconic and are one of our favorite memories to share with our kids.

Disney’s Starlight drive-in is a favorite spot for families to enjoy the ride.

But when the lights go out, they’re back to being the original lights that lit up this iconic attraction.12.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End This is the perfect ride for families looking for a family fun day at Disney World.

Guests can experience the thrill of Pirates of The Caribbean with the new interactive Star Wars ride, and enjoy an adventure to find out what happens when the Pirates go rogue.13.

Haunted Mummy’s Tomb Haunted Mummies Tomb is a Disney attraction that is so popular that it’s now the second attraction to be removed from the park.

This is due to a recent fire that destroyed the attraction.

It’s a very well-designed attraction with plenty of different scares and challenges for all the family to enjoy.14.

Disney Princess Magical Journey The newest installment of Disney Princess is a fantastic addition to the Cinderella franchise.

The Princess of Beauty will take you on a journey of discovery with