How to choose the best Ohio attractions

Ohio has one of the largest female populations in the country.

But it also has a few of the most creepy attractions out there.

So what should you look for when deciding on an Ohio attraction?

Here are 10 of the best:ErebusHaunted Attraction – The Haunted House in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been open since 1926.

It’s a haunted attraction with a creepy history that includes a series of deadly incidents involving women and children.

It was closed for more than a decade.

The attraction was the subject of a 2010 TV show called The Haunted Ohio, which aired on Fox News.

This show featured several Ohio attractions that have been subject to allegations of sexual assault and abuse.

The Haunted House is one of four haunted attractions in Cincinnati.

You’ll find it near the corner of State and Ohio, next to the Bluebird Inn and near the intersection of the John Hancock Parkway and I-71.

The Haunted house is open for business Monday through Friday, and you can park in the lot for free.

There’s an elevator inside.

The elevator door opens to reveal a staircase with a ghostly figure inside.

You’ll be led up a long, dark hallway, which you’ll pass by some doors, then turn around and go back down the stairs.

There are a few secret passages leading down and into the basement, and the elevator door itself will lock.

You may notice a ghost walking down the hallway.

He is actually a woman named Bonnie.

You can see her face and she says, “Look!”

You enter the attic room where you’ll find Bonnie’s body.

She’s wearing a white dress and a red top.

There’s a note on her dress that says, “‘Stay away from the door.’

Bonnie has a dark secret.”

There are many ghosts walking the hallways of the Haunted House.

They look a bit like clowns, and there are also ghosts that look like skeletons.

There is also a large red button on the wall that turns on a light in the ceiling that will cause the ghosts to disappear.

You might also notice a skeleton sitting on a chair in the basement.

The elevator is creepy enough that it’s been used in the production of several movies.

But the Haunted house, which has an elevator, is a bit more unusual.

It’s a trap, and a door is the entrance to the trap.

You’re supposed to get through a door by climbing up onto a platform with a rope.

But in the movie, the door is actually an elevator.

You have to be on a conveyor belt and walk up and down to the top.

The Ghost of Mrs. Scruggs – This attraction is located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati and features the ghost of Mrs, Scrugger, who was an actress in the 1940s and 50s.

Her body was found in the same area as the Haunted Hall of Horror in the 1930s, where it was originally built.

The ghost of Scruggy is said to have been in the Haunted Halloween attraction since its opening in 1935.

The attraction was closed in 1969 and the attraction was removed from the Ohio Historical Society.

It reopened in 2016 as The Haunted Scruggie Hall of Horrors.

You can walk around the attraction and interact with Scruggies in a little bit of a creepy setting.

You get to take photos with Scrouggs and get a little peek into her personal life.

You will be able to purchase items like a dollhouse and even get to meet the ghost.

There are no bathrooms in the attraction, so you’ll need to be a member of the Ohio Society of Performing Arts to use the bathroom.

You must also be at least 21 years old to enter.

The ghost of Miss Scrugging is also pictured in the haunted attraction.

This attraction has been a hit in Cincinnati for over 50 years.

The Ghost of Scryggs is often depicted as a girl with a wig.

She was famous for playing a role in plays, movies and commercials.

The attractions have also featured the ghostly apparitions of famous musicians, including the late Johnny Cash.

The hauntings at the Haunted attraction have also been reported in other parts of the state, including Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

The ghosts at the haunted attractions are said to be in control of the attraction.

Some of them are said have been seen in the past, but some have never been seen.

You won’t be able get into the Haunted attractions until you’re 21 years of age or older.

You need to have a special ID.

You should be at the attraction in person or have an ID with you when you visit.

If you can’t make it to the attraction or if the attraction is closed, there’s no telling when it will reopen.

You should always be careful when visiting the Haunted Attractions, but they are safe enough to be seen by the public.

The Ohio Historical Association has put up posters at all of the haunted Ohio attractions