Paris Tourist Attractions Invasion 2

Paris, France — After the arrival of the latest wave of tourists, the Parisian landscape is being invaded by an assortment of colorful women.

The French capital is the third most popular tourist destination in the world, and according to a new report, the women who flock to the city to experience its charms are also the most attractive.

The report by the French tourism agency Eurotourisme found that men and women spend about the same amount of time and money in Paris on vacation, with the difference between the sexes being in the form of body hair.

In a study released earlier this month, Eurotoursitye also found that women spend significantly more time and effort in France than men, spending an average of more than two hours a day on vacation.

Paris is the second most popular vacation destination for men, after New York, but the average time spent in the French capital on vacation has increased in recent years.

This is the first time that the number of women spending time in Paris has surpassed men’s.

The Parisian woman is not only more attractive than her male counterparts, but also less likely to commit an infidelity.

“The most attractive women in Paris are the ones who are already married,” Eurotouringiste said.

The study found that the most popular women in the city, according to the survey, are: a.) women with a degree from a university, b.) who have a husband or partner in the workforce, c.) who work part-time, d.) who are single, e.) who live alone, f.) who do not plan to marry, and g.) who did not live in Paris.

According to Eurotoured, the most frequent theme for women’s vacationing destinations are Paris’ famed Arc de Triomphe, which houses the city’s famed Louvre, museums, and famed monuments.

A total of 12,097 people took part in the survey.

Some of the most expensive destinations for women were New York City and London.

According a recent study, London spends $25,000 more per capita per year than Paris on average.

“This is because of the huge number of people who have been staying at the iconic city’s hotels and nightspots, and also because of a much smaller population,” said Eurotoutedes Director of Tourism Anne-Marie de Sousa.

“We know that the women of London are extremely busy, and therefore the city is also able to attract an exceptional number of men.

This means that they spend less time in their own homes and more time on the streets.”

Women are also spending a lot of time in the countryside, according the report.

France is known for its large countryside, and the vast majority of Parisian visitors have not gone there.

This makes Paris one of the top-grossing vacation destinations in the U.S. The number of French tourists spending time outdoors rose by 9% last year, according a study by Eurotouts Tourism & Spa, and this year’s figures show that the trend is even more pronounced.

The numbers show that France’s countryside is now the most desirable destination for women.

Parisians are spending a higher proportion of their time outdoors than anywhere else in the country, with 75% of the population spending some time outdoors in the first quarter of 2019.

In Paris, this number is only 38%.

France is also a very attractive destination for couples.

“Couples in France are often more interested in vacation than in other aspects of their lives,” said De Sousas.

“With France’s very good weather, the possibility of enjoying the country with its diverse communities and great nature, and being able to experience the Paris of old, the French have an abundance of love for this city.”

In terms of attractiveness, women are the most attracted to French-made goods.

They are spending $1.5 billion on French-designed clothes in the past year, up from $1 billion in 2014, according Eurotoutes.

However, men are spending more time than women in Europe on shopping.

“French women are particularly attracted to luxury goods, especially in the fashion industry,” De SOUSas said.

“And there is a trend here of women getting into more fashion-focused shops as well.”

According to the latest data from Eurotortourism, the average man spends a little more than $2,000 per year on a holiday in France.

While the women are spending less time on vacation than men in France, they are spending significantly more money on vacation overall, at an average cost of $3,936.

“Men are spending even more, but women are more likely to spend more than men,” said the report’s author, French travel consultant Christian Bekkali.

“There are women who have gone to Paris on a solo trip and are very happy there, and then there are men who have taken a vacation in a group and enjoyed it.”