The titanic visitor attraction at the Vatican’s new museum

The titanically themed visitor attraction opened this week to the public, and now it’s being called a success, with visitors spending $1.3 million on tickets to the grand opening.

Visitors can choose from a range of different tours, including a guided tour that is expected to run for about an hour, or an online tour.

The grand opening is not a traditional event, but it’s a significant one, said the museum’s director, Giancarlo Bologna.

It was conceived as a gift to the Pope, and the visitors are given a chance to feel the awe of the pope’s presence, Bolognas said, according to The Associated Press.

Tourism is a critical aspect of Vatican life, Bolicca said.

But the new museum has the potential to help bring a lot of visitors to Rome, and this is the beginning of something really great.

The Pope is coming to Rome for the third time next year, and he has already visited the Vatican two previous times.

The museum is set to be opened on May 27 and 28, with the Pope and the Pope’s entourage expected to attend.

The museum has attracted criticism from some in Rome, with critics claiming it’s not an authentic Vatican, and that the Pope is not welcome.

Some Vatican critics have called for the museum to be moved to another city.

The pope’s visit to Rome was initially expected to last about a month, but after the Pope announced plans to visit St. Peter’s Basilica next week, some visitors to the museum were concerned that the pope might not be available to attend the opening ceremony.

Bologna said it was a great honor for him to be the first pontiff to come to Rome.

But in this new museum, the visitors will have the opportunity to be with the Holy Father.

It will be a great experience,” he said.BOLOGNA also praised the efforts of the Vatican Secretariat of State for the building of the museum.