When You Are Not Your Own, You’re Not Yourself

A lot of us are pretty good at ignoring the ugly, ugly things in our own life.

When we don’t have the ability to resist our own desires, or the ability and willingness to look at ourselves as our own ugly self-interests, we tend to let things be.

But when we do have the tools to change ourselves, those are things that are very difficult to ignore.

When it comes to our own beauty, there’s not much of a choice but to look into our own past and to make a conscious effort to change things.

We have a choice in the matter: we can make some progress or we can continue to be the same ugly self.

The beauty we see on our own is not necessarily what’s most attractive to the world.

We can learn to see ourselves in a different light, in the eyes of someone else, even in the face of our own fears and anxieties.