Woman who says she was raped in Canada gets £15k compensation

Posted November 11, 2018 11:16:51A woman who says the gang raped her at a park in Canada has been awarded a $15,000 compensation order after being sued for $100,000 in damages.

Kimberly Sibson said she was walking her dogs in the park in July last year when she was allegedly raped by two people who stole her phone and other valuables.

Her case was dismissed after a jury awarded $3,000 each in damages, but she appealed and lost.

Sibson’s lawyer said she could not accept that her client would lose, but the Crown argued the judge was wrong to award compensation for her loss of property, as well as her personal injuries and loss of her livelihood.

The judge rejected that argument, ruling that she was entitled to $1,000, plus $300 in punitive damages.

The $15K claim was filed by Sibsons attorney, Paul Fiebert, on behalf of her son, and a spokesperson for the Ministry of Human Resources and Skills Development said it would respond to the claim.

Fiebert said his client was a victim of sexual assault, and that she suffered physical and mental injuries from the assault.

He said the settlement would provide the maximum amount she could afford.

In 2016, a jury in Alberta awarded $4.7 million in damages to two former prostitutes after they claimed the Crown had violated their human rights.

In Ontario, a judge awarded $7 million to a woman who claimed her ex-boyfriend, who had raped her, assaulted her twice while she was unconscious in a car.