How to plan your trip to Virginia Beach and explore the sights and sounds of this summer’s fireworks celebration

Virginia Beach, Va.

— With fireworks and a little help from a friend, you can visit some of the most popular attractions at Virginia Beach this summer.

It’s no secret that fireworks and summer entertainment are an integral part of any summer.

The fireworks display at Virginia’s newest amusement park in Newport News, Va., will be the largest ever.

Here are the top reasons to visit Virginia Beach in June: 1.

It’s a great place to go to spend the day: Virginia Beach has plenty of activities for kids.

There’s a kid’s play area, kids’ area, outdoor pavilion, playground, a park-like amphitheater, a dog park, and even a large, interactive fountain.


You can watch fireworks from a boat at the beach: If you’re a fan of big, splashy fireworks, then Virginia Beach is a perfect place to get up close and personal with the show.


You’ll be able to experience some of Virginia’s best entertainment: If your kids are looking for a way to get their hands on some of their favorite Disney-themed activities, the Virginia Beach Playground and Beach Stage are perfect places to check out.


You may have to park: If it’s the perfect time to see fireworks, it’s also the perfect place for those of us with kids.

A park-and-ride is available for families of all ages, as well as for those who want to drive up to Virginia.


You won’t be disappointed: Virginia’s beaches are the perfect places for the perfect day out.