How to make the perfect London Destination

Travel writer and travel expert, Jane Williams, shares some of her favourite London attractions.

Read more Jane Williams is a travel writer and an independent travel consultant with more than 35 years’ experience.

She is the author of 10 books and more than 20 books of travel advice, with her most recent, The London Destination Guide, published in 2017.

She has also written two books on travel, A Guide to the Great British Bands and Destination London.

The book of travel Jane Williams has been reading is a must for anyone who loves to travel.

Jane has a passion for books, as well as a love of adventure and great destinations.

“The Great British British Bords is an absolute must read for anyone travelling, and the London Destination guide is one of the best travel guides I’ve read.

It’s a must-read for anyone seeking to explore the many exciting and wonderful sights of the capital.

I can’t think of a more perfect place for a trip.”

Read more Jane also loves to cook, cooking a variety of meals, and she loves to make her own dishes, as she does not have any ingredients at home.

“I’m obsessed with making everything in my kitchen,” she said.

“Every dish I make has a little bit of magic in it.”

Jane says she loves the idea of travelling in the UK, and being a little more adventurous.

“When I was younger, I used to think I was boring because I never really travelled.

But now I’m thinking, why not go out and explore and explore?

I’m not sure how I’d do it without travelling.”

She added: “I’ve always been a big believer in the idea that a good day in the life of a British citizen can be a great day in a country, so I don’t think I’m going to change my lifestyle any time soon.”

As well as the best places to go, she has some great tips on how to make your own adventures.

“It’s important to keep the adventure going.

If you want to travel to a foreign country, do it on the way to the destination.

It will help you learn the language, travel the country, and see what’s happening.”

I also love to try out new things.

This is a great way to see the sights and do a new adventure.

For example, I’m always on the lookout for new restaurants, bars, coffee shops, bars and food restaurants.

If I’m ever out of my comfort zone, I will try something new.