When you think of haunted houses, what comes to mind?

The word ‘haunted’ may conjure up images of haunted homes, haunted houses haunted, and even haunted houses for kids.

But what if you were to ask visitors what they think about haunted attractions in their hometowns? 

A poll conducted by ABC News asked residents of the United States whether they think ‘hauntings’ should be allowed, if they were allowed to stay in haunted houses and if they should be able to visit ghost towns. 

The survey also asked residents about the most common questions people ask about ghost towns, and the answers were surprisingly varied. 

“The word haunted means different things to different people,” said Kelly O’Donnell, who conducts the ABC News poll. 

What did people think of?

‘Hauntings should be legal’ ‘People should be told they can’t visit ghost town’ ‘Haunts should be illegal’ ‘We don’t know what to do with ghosts’ ‘The people who live in these towns should be the ones to decide if the people who work in them should be in them, not a ghost town.’

Some people said they were concerned about ghost town regulations.

“We have this kind of misconception that people in ghost towns are doing it wrong,” said Lizzy Johnson, an Ohio resident who lives in the village of Blackpool, about 40 miles north of Columbus.

“There are no ghosts in Blackpool and I don’t think people should live in the ghost town,” she said.

“I think it’s wrong.

I think we should leave them alone.”‘

I would feel bad if people were allowed into ghost towns’ Another respondent, Jessica Tamblyn, said she felt “embarrassed” if ghost towns were allowed in her town, as well as worried about people visiting them.

“If people were going to be allowed to come into the town, they’d be welcome, but if you’re going to do it, you should be welcome to go into the ghost towns and stay there,” she told ABC News.

“The people that live in those towns should get to decide what’s allowed in those town and what’s not.” 

The poll was conducted online between July 21 and 27.

More than 300 people responded to the survey.

Ghost town regulations could be a problem for visitors and localsThe survey suggests that ghost towns could become a problem. 

In fact, it could have a chilling effect on visitors and residents of ghost towns as they seek out the paranormal.

“People will feel unsafe coming into ghost town, because they know it’s not safe,” Ms Johnson said. 

A 2015 survey found that Americans are most likely to visit haunted attractions, such as haunted houses.

“When you think about the word haunted, people think it means different people and things that have been around for a long time,” Ms O’Connell said.

“But that’s not the case.” 

“Ghosts and ghosts aren’t like, ghost towns,” she added.

“It’s not a place where you can go and see ghosts.”

It’s more like, a place you can’t go to, because it’s a place people have lived in their whole lives.

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